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A Brief History of Security Systems

In Ancient times the lighting of a fire beacon on a prominent hill was the quickest way of spreading news of emergencies. Beacons were situated were possible in direct sight of each other to form a signalling chain. Rivington Pike Beacon was part of such a chain to be fired on July 19th 1588 to warn that the Spanish Armada had entered the English Channel. This method was probably the first rapid National Communication System.

The following centuries brought the discovery of electricity and the invention of the telephone, and so too came the Television. It is not surprising to be here in the 21st century and be watching live Television transmissions from outer space, linked via satellites all over the world, or to be viewing from your armchair the pictures of a micro camera that has been inserted into the main Artery and is being eased into and around a Human Heart.

Electrical technology has influenced all our lives, not leaving out the way in which we take care of our belongings. Both in the home and at work. Around the 1940's burglar alarm devices were apt to be crude with limited applications, with the war in mind it brought concern about burglary sabotage and espionage and therefore focused greater attention on burglar alarm systems.

From the visible micro switch and the snap wire, the burglar alarm started its transformation into a complex Security System, encompassing Microwave, Ultrasonic, Passive Infra Red, Infra Red Beam, Break Glass and many more ways of Intruder Detection, accompanied with C.C.T.V. Surveillance, Access Control, Physical Security and Security Communication, we have the formula for a successful and efficient method of protecting our belongings.

In 1998 British Telecom introduced to the Northwest B.T Red Care, B.T Red Care is a communication network designed to give high security monitoring through existing telephone lines, it operates via a series of computers that interrogate each security installation several times per minute with a frequency inaudible to the human ear. The information given when necessary to the Central Alarm Monitoring Station include, Alarm Activation, Personal Attack, Open/Close, Telephone Line Cut, Low Back Up Batteries, System Reset, High Temperature Alarm, Mains Failure and Fire.

We would estimate that from the Generation of alarm activation it should be no more than seconds to the Police being informed.

The present trend is: -
More people are committing crime, more often.
People convicted of crimes spend less time off the street and possibly come to crime better educated. With the technology now available, we must insist that security be given the priority it deservers. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES it is unfortunate that those who do not give security the priority it deserves become the potential victim.




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